Marine Biodiversity Surveys Pom Pom Island, Celebes Sea By TRACC

The Tropical Research and Conservation Centre (TRACC) is a great place to learn about the underwater world at the same time as you help save part of the Planet. TRACC is run by marine conservationists for volunteers and visitors to learn and participate in marine conservation.
This project is a marine biodiversity survey.

Coral Reef Biodiversity

Coral reefs are not the same all over the world, the reefs which have the most species are in the coral triangle with over 500 coral species.  The TRACC field study centre on Pom Pom island is almost exactly in the centre of the coral triangle.  The world authority classifies us as 520-540 coral species. We hope to prove that.

Numbers of species of coral around the world

For more info on the global distribution of coral please check out the Coral reef diversity on Reefbase.


To help our staff and students with coral identification we are building a coral garden with all the species named.  A dive in the coral garden enables students to see the diversity of the large coral groups and appreciate the colour and growth variation within the same species.  It will take a year or two for all the species to be collected, planted in the garden and named.